As a resource processor, you are operating in an increasingly competitive, resource-constrained world with more regulations, increasing social licensing pressures and more complex technical challenges. To meet these demands, you need access to new tools that enable you to extract value more completely, cost-effectively and sustainably.


Steady-State Ion Exchange Platform

RenixUIX™ Advantages

Stable process chemistry

Tunable selectivity

Variable process control without reconfiguration

Suspended solids tolerance

Smaller physical footprint

Lower water use

Lower chemical use

Small environmental and lifecycle footprint

Reduced resin inventory and longer resin life

Less auxiliary fluid handling

Less operator intervention & maintenance

Increased throughput


Ingredients For Food & Beverages

Self-Care & Nutritional Products

Cosmetics & Cleaners

Biofuels & Biobase Chemicals


Recycling of Metals or Minerals For All Purposes

(including Fertilizers)

Industrial Water

Recovery, Recycling, Reuse Equipment Protection / Maintenance

Municipal Water

Wastewater Contaminant Removal (phosphorous, arsenic, etc.)

Industry Applications

  • Optimize purity, functionality, safety and other product features
  • Separate or purify valuable co-products or recover process inputs
  • Recover water for reuse and recycle within the plant water circuit
  • Reduce process costs through the removal of inhibitors, contaminants or competitive compounds
  • Concentrate waste streams

Ingredients & Bio-Processing

Minerals & Metals

Industrial Water