Sustainable Mining Practices: A Focus on Water Security and Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Feb 14, 2024

The mining industry plays a crucial role in the development and evolution of modern society. As we shift towards renewable energy, electric cars, and other technological advancements, the industry is actively working to adopt sustainable mining practices to thrive alongside the communities it serves.

In the coming decade, the industry will continue to face significant challenges, as governments, stakeholders, and companies increase their focus on water security and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. It is critical to protect watersheds to ensure healthy ecosystems and to support communities by providing secure access to clean water. This requires a combination of effective technologies and tailored methods to meet the specific needs of each mining company and the communities around them.

Governments, mining companies, and non-governmental organizations share a responsibility to ensure that water is clean and safe for communities and ecosystems. Investing in new technologies can help the mining sector strike an important balance between providing the metals and minerals needed in modern society while protecting ecosystems and communities. At the same time, the industry can recover value that could be lost using conventional water treatment processes.

To ensure long-term sustainability and success, the mining industry has taken significant steps to address these challenges. We salute the continued implementation of innovative solutions that strike that balance by creating a positive impact on the environment and the communities that rely on mining activities, while proactively adopting sustainable practices and working towards a better future.

Renix Active Separation Solutions are specifically designed to help mining companies play a crucial role in promoting water security and thriving alongside their communities. Use our Contact Us form to learn more about our technology or contact for more information.

Renix Inc and ClonBio Group Ltd announce Strategic Investment

Jan 21, 2022

Renix Inc, Sustainable Separation and Purification Technology for Resource Processors

ClonBio Group Ltd, Market Leader and Large-Scale Producer of Renewable Energy and Animal Nutrition in Europe

Renix Inc and ClonBio Group Ltd are pleased to announce a multi-million dollar investment to accelerate the next stage of Renix’s corporate development.

“As we enter the next phase of our journey, we’re thrilled to have found a such a great partner in the agri-business space,” said Christine Haas, founder and President of Renix. “ClonBio is committed to a vision of dramatic change to methods and sources of production in the agri-food business. They have a seasoned team with a very successful commercialization record. We look forward to working together to transform processes and bring sustainable products to market.” 

Having worked together on application development over the past two years, Renix and ClonBio subsidiary Pannonia Bio are cooperating on recovery of alternative protein from spent grain streams, to create a high-purity ingredient for food and feed use.

“Over the past two years ClonBio has been impressed by Renix’s technology and, just as much, by its dedicated and talented team, who advanced our soluble protein development efforts by leaps and bounds despite Covid. It is our honour to support the Renix team further with this investment,” said Mark Turley, founder and CEO of ClonBio.

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and Southwestern Ontario Angels have been supporters of Renix from the company’s early days. As these organizations exit from the company, they are excited to see Renix taking the next steps with this strategic partnership.

“We’re proud of the accomplishments of the Renix team and that we were able to provide early support to the company.  Today we’re pleased to see this investment attracted to a Canadian SME in the Cleantech space”, said Renix Board Chair and Investor Representative, Carmen Gicante.  “We and our colleagues at BIC will continue to offer any support we can to help Renix grow.”

Renix will continue to pursue opportunities to develop value recovery processes in the agri-food processing space, as well as mining and water management, from the company’s office at The Grove at Western Fair District in London, Ontario.

About Renix Inc.
Based in London, Ontario, Renix is a cleantech company inspired to use new technology to purify many of the materials we use every day, from the food we eat
to the metals we use to the water we need.  Our company offers value recovery
through our separation and purification technology, RenixUIX™.  With Renix’s advanced applications know-how and patented technology, the company is poised to tackle global resource processing challenges. For more information, please visit
the Renix website at

About ClonBio Group Ltd
ClonBio has developed Europe’s largest grain-based biorefinery, managed by its operating subsidiary Pannonia Bio, situated close to corn feedstock sources in the
crop growing regions of Hungary. The refining process separates the constituent elements of grain, namely starch, protein, fibre and oils, and produces renewable
bioproducts. In addition to being a large-scale producer of ethanol and protein-enriched animal feed, ClonBio also functions as an incubator for bioproducts to commercial scale. The company is currently developing novel bioproducts in nutrition, health, biochemical and energy markets. For more information, please visit the ClonBio website at

London Chamber of Commerce Business Logo and Business Achievement Awards Winner Logo

Renix is proud to be the recipient of the London Chamber of Commerce 2020 Business Achievement Award

Sep 25, 2020

Our company was founded to develop and commercialize an innovative new technology for liquid processing in the resource sectors, whether that’s food, water, minerals, metals, fuels, or chemicals.

We take our platform and use it to help our customers create new processes that solve their problems – innovative new processes that might reduce cost, increase yield, or improve quality. They might also protect the environment, produce clean water, create new food ingredients, and provide sustainable metals. It is our goal to work with our customers to solve their problems and enable resource companies and their communities to thrive together.

On top of that, we are innovating with our supply chain at our new home at the Grove at Western Fair District, where we are currently building production scale equipment.

We are literally innovating every single day – the Innovation Award is very meaningful to our team.

We want to say thank you to our supporters, investors, Board, vendors, partners, and customers from around the world.

We want to say thank you to the London Chamber of Commerce, the event and award sponsors, and all the volunteers who help make the Business Achievement Awards such a wonderful experience. And congratulations to all of the finalists and nominees involved.

And finally I want to say thank you and congratulations to the Renix team – without the team, there is no innovation award for Renix. Thank you all!

– Christine Haas, President

Christina Haas standing in front of the Renix Logo on Glass behind her.

Western Fair’s food business accelerator next step for growing tech company Renix

Jul 10, 2020

Christine Haas, president and CEO of Renix, has moved the business to the Western Fair’s food accelerator hub in London.

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WaterTAP Technology Acceleration Project Logo

Renix Completes New Demonstration Unit

May 22, 2019

After beginning construction in 2018, London, Ontario-based Renix Inc. has successfully developed its RenixUIX™ unit to help provide sustainable solutions to capture, separate, and purify resources for the increasing needs of the global population.

Renix has developed the steady-state RenixUIX™ system utilizing the proven chemistry of ion exchange and delivering it in a newly patented platform, to achieve higher quality industrial liquid separation while minimizing required inputs.

To provide scale-up demonstration and industry acceptance, Renix built a universal fully automated demonstration unit to allow for application configuration across multiple industries. The demonstration unit incorporates full remote monitoring and control, robust 24/7 continuous operations, and modular skid mounted components that industries demand to maximize operational efficiency.

Eduardo Cordova, Vice President of Business Development at Renix, acknowledged that Renix’s project received financial and advisory support from Bioindustrial Innovation Canada has provided, through their Centre for Commercialization of Sustainable Chemistry Innovation program.

The RenixUIX™ unit marks a significant advance in Renix’s commercial growth, advertising itself as the world’s first steady-state ion exchange system that unlocks the chemistry of ion exchange and transforms traditional batch treatment processes into a true steady-state process. RenixUIX™ makes previously unfeasible separations challenges possible and existing applications more efficient and cost-effective.